How to Post Pics to Facebook


  1. Original paintings by other studios
  2. Images similar to a painting we already have (our gallery)
  3. Images too difficult to turn into a painting OR images that we would not be able to comfortably instruct within one of our events.

We will not always be able to inform you of why your image was not shared,  so please keep submitting and we’ll share all that we can!


In order to post a photo to our Facebook page, you will probably need to be at your personal computer. We have found that mobile devices don’t always work.

1. You will need to save your chosen picture to your computer. Right click on the image, then click on “save image as…” Follow the steps and save it to a folder you’ll easily find it in.

2. Go to Uncorked Canvas’ Facebook page [link]



2. In the “Post” box, click the “Photo/Video” post option. Then click the “+” box



3. Go through your files in the pop-up window and select the image you want to share.



4. Once you’ve selected the photo, click “Open,” and it will automatically load to the Facebook comment

STEP45. Add any comments you would like (where you took it, who the original artist was, etc.), and push “Post!”

Please cite your sources! Adding the name of the artist/photographer is important to be sure they receive credit for their work.

We’ll share your picture to our wall so that others can “Like” it. Good luck to you! 🙂




Q: My photo was not share on the grounds that it would be “too difficult” to recreate. What does that mean?

A: Uncorked Canvas events are between 2-3 hours, and for a lot of submissions, we know that it would take more than that allotted time for our guests to recreate a piece. We never want you to feel rushed when you’re painting with us, so we choose pieces that we are confident you will feel comfortable and relaxed in painting. Every submission is studied and measured by an experienced artist to be sure that it is possible for our events. If your piece is not shared, please find more and submit them!

Q: What and where should I be looking for a photo/painting to submit?

A: We often have themed competitions, and a great resource is Pinterest. (You will have to have a Pinterest account to use it. Don’t worry – it’s easy to get!) Go to their search bar, and look for one of our themes, or simply go through their categories and check out “Photos” or “Art.” You can find some amazing things just on that website. Otherwise, we’d recommend spending time searching Google Images (they culminate from the whole internet, so you’re sure to find some interesting things).

Please do keep in mind that not all photographs make good paintings. We love seeing your personal photos, but look at them critically and think, “Would this look as good simplified as a painting?”

If you have any questions or aren’t sure if a piece is good for one of our competitions, submit it anyway and we can decide for you. You never know for sure what people will love, so give it a try 🙂



Thanks for sharing! :)

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