Bargain Pricing on Paint & Sip Events Today Only

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Flash Sale On Now!


It’s happening RIGHT NOW. Don’t let us keep you waiting. Go now to our events and you’ll see this killer discount on ALL of June’s upcoming paint & sip awesomeness nights*

40% OFF!

But be sure you don’t dilly-dally: this flash sale fizzes out AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT 😨
Why haven’t you clicked the button to the sale? Ah, delayed gratification. We admire that. Well, since you scrolled down, we might as well let you know about some upcoming amazing things. Things like:


It’s true! We are taking all that you love half a mile to a new gorgeous studio. And this move means SO MANY EXCITING CHANGES ARE COMING (including waaaaay more parking and ground access)
2. Memberships are about to be revealed 🤩

Now get on with your bad self:


Thanks for sharing! :)
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