Cabin Fever Cure Events

These events are available to use the Cabin Fever Cure promo code:

2/14, 5:45pm: DATE NIGHT Valentine’s at Odd Otter

2/14, 7:00pm: DATE NIGHT at Uncorked Canvas, Tacoma

2/15, 7:00pm: DATE NIGHT Tree <3, Tacoma

2/15, 7:00pm: Seattle Sunset, West Seattle

2/16, 7:00pm: Northern Lights, West Seattle

2/16, 2:00pm: Starry Night, Tacoma

2/16, 7:00pm: NEW Tulips + Rainier, Tacoma

2/17, 2:00pm: Mommy + Me Baby Fox Kisses, Tacoma

2/20, 7:00pm: Road to Adventure, Tacoma

2/21, 7:00pm: Supernatural, West Seattle

2/21, 7:00pm: Violet Sunrise, Tacoma

2/22, 7:00pm: NEW Tulips + Rainier, West Seattle

2/22, 7:00pm: Paradise Meadow, Tacoma

The fine print: promo can not be applied to previous registration. Can not be used on private events or any events besides these listed. Promotion ends midnight, 2/14/19 (you must use the code to register and complete payment before the promotion ends). Tickets are non-refundable, and can not be transferred to another event.

Thanks for sharing! :)

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