Top 10 Paintings for 2016

2016 turned out to be an amazing year as you’ll see based on our Top 10 Paintings. In spite of a very contentious (and prolonged!) election season, Uncorked Canvas fans voted for their favorite paintings by signing-up for events! In the gallery view below, we...
How to Shop for Great Wine on a Budget

How to Shop for Great Wine on a Budget

  Think you can’t find any good wines on the cheap? Think again! Don’t always expect good, drinkable wines to be pricey. Here’s some ideas that will remove the barriers to getting your bottle of joy. One of my secret pleasures is finding a cheap bottle of wine –...

Terrific Review of Uncorked Canvas

Uncorked Canvas has been reviewed  unexpectedly by a blog site from Germany! Susanne Bacon did a great job writing, and we really enjoyed making a new friend.