Have a Wine and Paint Party for Your Friends Birthday!

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A wine and paint party, you ask. Doesn’t seem to be an interesting party at all? Well, think again. Painting and wine parties are one of the most fun and interesting art classes you need to attend. The events let you unleash your creative side in a safe supportive way amongst all your friends. On top of that, people of all ages can join and enjoy. 

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your friend’s birthday, you’ve truly found the perfect treat. Still, there’s a big dilemma at hand. How does one host such events? Often, most people choose painting studios to offer private painting parties. Holding private sip and paint parties is perfect because: 

  • Guests are free to bring food, snacks, and have music at the party.  
  • You and your friends own a private party room and choose the artistic instructor
  • You don’t stress over setups or clean-ups
  • The painting studio provides all the art supplies, including paper plates, napkins, cups, and corkscrews
  • You can schedule the party at any time of the week

How to host your Private Wine and Painting Party

Hosting a private wine and paint party is easy. Simply contact Uncorked Canvas with the place and time you’d like to have your party. At Uncorked Canvas, we provide three types of private events: 

  • Hosted events: For such events, the client hosts the event at their venue, but our team manages it. We are also open to working with local caterers to manage the event for you. 
  • Studio events: With studio events, we usually host the sip and paint parties in one of our studios. We allow customers to book classes even when they aren’t due. Take advantage of this and make sure to reserve early for weekend events.  
  • Travel events: If you don’t want to host the birthday in your home, we travel to offsite locations too. Currently, you can book for such events from Tuesday through Thursdays, and sometimes on Sundays. Please, make sure to book early. 

Our event planner will then inform you about the availability of your chosen time. To book your event, check our Tacoma or Seattle events calendar for more information.


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