We draw your pet for you and you paint it.

Paint Your Pet: Photo Guide

Thank you for signing up for a Paint Your Pet class!

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Tips on Choosing Your Photo!

We highly recommend only one pet per canvas. The artist will sketch your pet onto your canvas, from the image you send us. No background images will be included, so don’t worry about what’s behind your pet in the photo (you will choose your own background color when you start your painting). The ideal pet photo is high resolution (not blurry), close-up, with a clear image of your pet’s face. It does not have to be a professional photo though! Phone pics are usually just fine, if they are in focus. The quality of your reference image directly impacts our abilities to draw the details for you, so get in close! 

When we draw the portraits, we may make changes to the composition to make it a more effective painting subject. This usually means zooming in to the chest/neck/head area, and we might exclude some other details or a portion of the animal if we feel it would detract from the impact of your artwork. Please make note in your email of any important details you want excluded (i.e. “leave out the leash”) or included (i.e. “make sure you keep the bow tie”).

The image will be sketched from the photo (we are not able to alter poses, etc). If your pet is dark in color, a photo in a well lit area helps to show the highlights and shadows! A black cat isn’t just a black cat – there are so many shades and textures! We will guide you every step of the way 🙂


Too Dark / Backlit.
Too Blurry.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When can I send in my photo? Where do I send it? Once you are registered, send your .jpeg photo(s) to info@uncorkedcanvas.com, and include in your subject line: “Name of Registered Person, Paint Pet Photo” (example: John Jingleheimer, Paint Pet Photo). No need to contact us if you haven’t received the request for your photo. Please feel free to send as soon as you can! 
  • Are there any pets you can’t accept for a portrait? We can draw absolutely any kind of animal! Aquatic, bovine, reptilian, equines…you name it! We can do it 🙂
  • How many pets can I paint on one canvas? We highly recommend only one pet, but a maximum of two. If you are sending two separate photos to be added to one canvas, be sure each pet has been photographed at the same angle and in the same general lighting. 
  • Are children allowed to paint? Each of our paintings are taught so that anyone can paint along, though we highly recommend ages 12 and up only for this event due to its involved process/instruction.  We encourage you to decide if your child will be able to enjoy and participate in the 3+ hours of instruction.
Thanks for sharing! :)
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