Painting and Sipping on Wine! Count Me In!

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What’s the occasion? A birthday party? A baby shower? Maybe just a night out? Whatever it is, have unforgettable fun by departing from the ordinary with a painting and sipping party!

It’s one sure way to surprise your friends or family, and they get to walk away with unforgettable art, all in your name. In fact, paint and wine sipping events have gained a large fan base here in the States because they offer the opportunity of having a memorable time in your favorite venue or home. All you have to do is sign up, show up, paint, and sip up! No previous painting experience needed. 


You also don’t need to have any tools or set up or clean up.  Companies like Uncorked Canvas go out of their way to provide everything you need.  

How Painting and Sipping Parties Go Down

Picture this, a canvas in front of you, a wine glass in one hand, a paintbrush in the other. The challenge? Paint your masterpiece. With your sweetheart, best friend, or mom as your competitor or partner. Surely, a special way to celebrate a special occasion. The best part, you all have art instructors at your disposal so you can’t fail at painting.


Even more importantly, you can have painting and sipping parties at all kinds of events including office parties, team building, girls’ night out, wedding showers, church groups, you name it. If you have a reason to celebrate, it may as well be at a painting and sipping party!

Tacoma’s and Seattle’s Painting and Sipping Events

Are you in Tacoma or Seattle and bored to tears? Do you feel tired of everyday parties that offer nothing more than chaos and loud music? Why don’t you visit Uncorked Canvas’s studios? Once in a while we host once in a lifetime painting and sipping parties. 


Our Tacoma studio is in 1121 A Street (for ages 21 and above only), while our Seattle one is in 2600 SW Barton Street, Suite A-8 (for all ages). Both are such unbelievable places you just have to see for yourself. Be sure to check our calendar for this year’s events.

Thanks for sharing! :)

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