Private Party FAQs


Do you provide food and drinks?

Food and drinks are not provided, aside from our complimentary self-serve coffee station and water cooler. You are welcome to bring all the food and drink you’d like – it’s YOUR party! We highly recommend simple, easy to eat foods. There will be a table available for you to set up all you need. Legally, you will need to obtain a $10 banquet license from the State of Washington if you would like to bring alcoholic beverages to your event. The presence of alcohol will not restrict the ages of your guests.  If bringing ice, it must be in a leak-proof container such as a cooler. Refrigeration is not available.

Do I need to bring my own cups and plates?

We have basic paper plates and plastic cups you are welcome to use – just ask your artist when you arrive. Please bring any cutlery or serving utensils needed.

Can guests attend even if they aren’t painting?

There is no charge for anyone not painting. However, please be aware that seating is prioritized for those who will be painting. If your event is in the Annex at Tacoma, there is very little room for anyone not painting.

Can I bring decorations?

You are welcome to bring decorations that can easily be set up.

I want to arrive early to set up food, etc. Is this possible?

Please DO NOT arrive earlier than the time indicated in your confirmation email. The artist will be preparing the space and cannot give you access prior to this time. We often have multiple events in one day, and the timing is very important to allow our staff ample time to transition and prepare themselves and the space. You will be asked to wait outside the studio if you arrive early. Thank you for respecting our staff and arriving at the time indicated.

Can I reserve the space for additional time?

Possibly! If you wish to add additional time to your event, please email us to check availability and hourly rental rates.

Thanks for sharing! :)

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