Paint Your Pet

Professional Artist Rendition

You send us any photo of your pet, and one of our artists will paint a lovely rendition.

Petworks Approved

Art At Home Kits

Choose from a variety of kit styles, and we will send you everything you need.

Studio Events

You send us any photo of your pet, and our artists will draw it on the canvas for you.

Send in a photo of your beloved pet… We will help you paint a great picture of your furry friends!

  • We supply the paint, brushes, canvas and aprons.
  • No experience needed – we’ll walk you through the steps!
  • See our Tacoma studio calendar or Seattle studio calendar for our monthly Paint Your Pet events.
  • Paint Your Pet is also available for as a special option when you book a private event!

Enjoy a fun, engaging event while immortalizing your beloved pet!

Only $50/person!

Thanks for sharing! :)
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